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TSV Report

Also, EvALL produces a set of TSV reports containing all data in a more fine-grained way, which allows researchers to do more experiments, further analysis. For each evaluation the TSV report includes:

  • A file with a table containing all outputs and measures with average results across test cases. Only test cases present in the gold standard are considered. Measures that do not satisfy preconditions for specific outputs are tagged with "-".

  • A file for each output containing a table with all measures for each test case. In this table test cases present in the gold are first, followed by those present in the output and not in the gold standard. This file also include other relevant information for specific measures, such as table of results for all classes in measures such as Precision, Recall or F-Measure.

The aim of this reports is to allow researches to make futher analysis and comparisons, and to show information that could not be present in the latex report due to length restrictions. You can find an example of a TSV report here.