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Publish a new system output

Upon login, researchers can choose to share with the community their system outputs and evaluation results to a dataset that is already stored in EvALL. Note that additional information for metadata should be provided, such as a description, the authors, a bibtex, etc. This repository will allow to preserve ground truth and system output data for future use by the research community and an open portal to compare with the state-of-the-art.

Once the output is in the repository, the research community can:

  • Compare new approaches against the stored output with a set of measures, as well as the stored output with the state-of-the-art published in EvALL.

  • Easily access to relevant information such as the bibtex, the paper, etc.

  • Download the system output for further analyses.

You can explore already stored system outputs in EvALL in the browsing window.

If you want to publish a new system output, please select the option "Publish a new system output" in the main menu of the Home page.