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Trec Eval Wrapper

The TREC EVAL STYLE Wrapper in EvALL interprets the columns distribution described in this guidelines, without headers (tabs, comas, and blanks are allowed as column separator). Notice that in the output format only the column QID and the column DOCNO are translated to the EvALL format using the SIM field to rank the elements (the rank field in trec eval is ignore here; internally ranks are assigned by sorting by the SIM field, ties being broken deterministically by using DOCNO with case sensitive).

EvALL will automatically translate this input format to a tsv EvALL input, and continue parsing as in a standard EvALL input format. Notice that this input can be used in any diversification operation in EvALL. Notice also that, in the diversification task the TREC EVAL STYLE Wrapper is only allowed for outputs files, not for goldstandard