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Two Column Wrapper

The TWO COLUMN Wrapper in EvALL takes as input a two column format file without headers (tabs, comas, and blanks are allowed as column separator), where the first column represents the ID of the item and the second column represents the VALUE assigned to the item. Find an example here.

EvALL will automatically translate this input format to a tsv EvALL input by adding the default test case "EVALL_FORMAT_DEFAULT_TEST_CASE", and continue parsing as in a standard EvALL input format.

Notice that this input can be used in any classification operation in EvALL. If you use a TWO COLUMN format and want to upload your goldstandard in a 3 column EvALL format, we recommend you to add a first column with the default test case "EVALL_FORMAT_DEFAULT_TEST_CASE" to all rows.