Main EvallWeb Portlet

PDF Report

For each evaluation EvALL automatically generates a pdf report that include measures descriptions and suitability (with all the required mathematical information to figure out what evaluation algorithm has been applied and how it has been used), evaluation results and automatically generate evaluation figures and (low-level) interpretation of the results, as well as information about statistical significance tests. Furthermore, it compares the evaluation results against theoretical baseline approaches such as random systems. Finally, EvALL analyze the outputs analyzed and generates warnings and statistics about its correctness.

You can find an example of a pdf report here.

Latex Report

Also, for each evaluation EvALL automatically generates a latex source that allows researchers to easily copy and paste tables, charts, measures descriptions, references, or result analysis directly to future papers. The latex project include all files necessary to compile the pdf report, such as the style files, the bibliography file or the automatically generated images.

You can find an example of a latex report here.